Miami is a very large metropolis to target as a whole and if you’re running Ads and paying for clicks, it can get expensive, leaving you depleted of your budget and with little to no customer conversions to show for it.

  • We recommend taking over the area immediately around your local business address.

Our strategy always starts small and focused, once you’ve stamped a name online for your immediate 10-mile radius and your business is claiming the top spots on Google, the strategy can then begin to shift and focus on the next set of areas that are easily in your reach.

Google My Business is very important to success on Google’s Search Map for local businesses. If you’re not constantly managing the business profile and keeping up with the latest features you will become stale to Google’s algorithm.

  • Once you’re managing the business’s Google account, the long play is to keep up with new features, Business information, and post announcements because they do expire.

Your next strategy moving forward is building up your review reputation with as close to a 5-Star rating as you possible can (you 2.5-star outfits are not going to go far without some serious work on reputation management for your business, especially in Miami, where the word gets around locally very quickly) because word of mouth + online reputation will make or break any business.

  • Reputation is your greatest asset, your goal should be getting as many positive reviews as you can from your customers, which means making sure you’re providing an amazing service/product to your patrons.

Those are our top three to focus on when it comes to ranking a local business in Miami on the Google Map.

Let’s Recap Our Goals

  1. Focus on your local area before expanding and diluting your focus/reach.
  2. Claim/Manage the ‘Google My Business‘ account and keep up with features and posts.
  3. Get quality reviews from your customers, constantly and forever.

Here’s the part where we pitch that if you don’t want to do this yourself, we have a service for managing your company’s Local Maps and Search Engine Optimization efforts.

I hope that helps!