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Show them what you're made of with a professional personal website that showcases what you're capable of!

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Show them what you’re made of with a professional portfolio website that showcases your work!

Looking for a new job can be an exciting and stressful time in your life. Whether you’re starting a new career, seeking a promotion, or looking for a new position, the rules of the hiring game are rapidly changing. Most workers occupy a position for years before they try their luck on the open job market, so understandably their job-seeking skills become outdated. Keeping up with the latest trends and leveraging technology is an edge that is needed by all serious job-seekers to get themselves noticed by potential employers.

Turning your portfolio or resume into a website adds a totally unique and new dimension to your job application, greatly increasing your chances of being noticed by hiring managers. At The Marketing Lab, we can create the ideal website to showcase your experience, skills, and interests.

Make the Best First Impression

Making a good first impression and reinforcing it with compelling resume content has always been an important aspect to the job hunt. Up until recently, resumes were submitted on paper and likely sat in stacks never to be seen by a hiring manager. Digital submission of resumes to companies’ hiring managers made trying to be noticed even more difficult because algorithms could automatically reject resumes and job applications that didn’t contain the correct keywords or information.

This is where a professionally designed website can help! Online resumes are a great way to use technology to showcase detailed descriptions of your experience and skills. Best of all, when your resume is viewed by a hiring manager, your experience can be presented in a more compelling and detailed format than is generally acceptable on a paper resume.

How Our Experts Help

Online resumes and portfolios can be quickly and economically designed to get your name out there during a job hunt. The experts at The Marketing Lab can quickly build out a unique webpage designed to showcase your skills in a professional and attention-grabbing manner. A typical online resume consists of one to five pages that showcase everything a job-seeker wishes a hiring manager to know, including:

  • Skills: Are there specific skills or certifications you’ve learned during your career. Take the time to showcase them and outline why you’re the most qualified candidate.
  • Professional Experience: Showcase your previous jobs and success in bite-sized and easy to ready outlines on your website.
  • Interests and Extracurriculars: It’s not all about your work-specific experience. Showing your interests and your involvement with organizations outside of work can help you become a well-rounded candidate for any job.
  • Your Work: Let your work speak for you. Have an interesting project or design you want to showcase? Let our experts create an eye-catching portfolio.
  • Blog: Show off your expertise on any subject or for any industry.

Think of your online resume as building your own personal brand. By putting yourself out there into the job market, you are essentially marketing yourself and your experience to the world and leveraging technology to build your personal brand can go a long way in helping you land the job of your dreams.

The pros at The Marketing Lab specialize in helping people manage their online presence. Setting up an online portfolio or resume could be the way you get noticed or it could be what gives you an edge over other candidates. Let our experts help you build your personal brand by creating and curating your own personal resume website today.

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