Managing your online reputation is more important than ever. From online reviews to social media posts, we can help! 

It’s no secret that today’s businesses are impacted by the world of online reviews more than ever. The largest to the smallest businesses have the opportunity to be greatly aided, or damaged, by their online review presence. Thanks to the interconnected nature of social media and popular review sites like Yelp and Google, one or two negative reviews can severely damage your reputation. Once a review is live, there’s no going back. This is where reputation management can help protect your online reputation and keep customers from turning away.

Your Online Presence Makes a Difference

Business advertisements have far surpassed billboards, TV placements, and radio spots. Now, thanks to the advent of online reviews, your business will be advertised whether you like it or not. The power to lift you up or tear you down in the public eye lies significantly with your customers – unless you decide to do something about it and manage your online reputation. 

According to the Spiegle Research Center, nearly 95% of customers will read online reviews before they commit to making a purchase. That’s nearly your entire customer base! 

Negative online reviews can be damaging – but they don’t have to be. Your customers will likely read the negative reviews, as well as the positive, before making a choice whether they want to purchase your product or service. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, depending on how you manage your negative reviews, you have the opportunity to gain even more customers as a result. This is the power of reputation management.

Our Reputation Management Service

Getting, and responding, to reviews is crucial. What you do with negative reviews is just as important, and possibly more so, than how you respond to good reviews. At The Marketing Lab, we help you manage both so your business stays at the top of the reputation ladder.

When you work with our expert team, we will help your business by answering reviews from clients on major directory sites like Google and Yelp, ensuring that we’re addressing your client’s feedback with professionalism and the next steps, if any. 

Much of online reputation management has to deal with knowing how to respond to both positive and negative reviews. The better you are at responding well to negative reviews and encouraging positive ones, the more you set your business on display for all to see in a positive light. Negative reviews don’t have to be a bad thing as long as they’re used as an opportunity to show others how your business cares about its clients and wants to do right by them.

When you work with our team, we’ll set up management programs to help you keep track of reviews, stay on top of negative ones, and keep your business looking professional. We’ll help drive positive reviews to common sites such as Google, and we’ll help you repair damage from negative reviews by determining how to use them as an opportunity to promote your business.

At The Marketing Lab, we make it our purpose to help small businesses build a solid brand reputation. We focus on boosting your credibility by encouraging positive reviews, managing negative critique, and keeping your brand at the top customers’ list of approved businesses. Your online reputation is crucial. Contact us today to learn more!