About The Marketing Lab

A Digital Agency Thriving in Miami Since 2017.

Our Mission.

Oversee 300 businesses in Miami, FL growing year over year with modern marketing programs that will consistently beat out their competition and help them in order have more profits, grow bigger teams and achieve more freedom.

Seed - Grow - Harvest.

Who We Are.

The Marketing Lab is a boutique digital marketing company proudly serving the Miami-Dade Metro Area in South Florida. Our local team is passionate about helping small local businesses and entrepreneurs set up a strong online foundation in order to take their businesses to the next level.

We rely on data to bring your business real results and use top-notch modern designs and proven digital strategies that actually work to help convert more search traffic from the web into loyal customers.

Our business relationships are built on earned trust, dedicated services that turn into consistent returns on your investment; That's a win win situation.

Why Offer Miami Marketing Services?

We are passionate about digital marketing and we understand its importance in today’s world. People aren’t looking up at billboards or sitting through minute-long tv commercials. Instead, they’re scrolling and searching, which is why it’s so important to be front and center when potential customers press Enter.

We want to help our local community entrepreneurs and small business owners and marketing managers alike with amazing marketing services at a great rates that can easily provide a return on your marketing investment for years to come. Win - Win!

See How Far We've Come!

Since 2017 we have been able to help local service based businesses grow not only in Miami, FL but across the USA and Canada. Our team is made up of local Miami professionals who are focused on helping your business thrive in order to provide a positive return on your investment. The Marketing Lab's owners are Miami natives.

Latest Milestone

🥳 We're so excited to be 5 years old! 🎂

2022 Year In Review

We launched our Complete Seed to Harvest Marketing System.

Seed - Grow - Harvest

2021 Year In Review

TML buckled-down on improving our automations within our funnels of communication, systems and procedures with a focus on educating ourselves, teams and partners on how to best serve clients in a post-pandemic world.

2020 Year In Review

The year that brought the world to a screeching halt was a real challenge for everyone, including our small businesses.

We saw a total transformation in how the workforce approached the office environment, and the uncertainty made us feel like we were ready to fight or fly. Some businesses couldn't even operate when they desperately wanted to.

A bunch of businesses didn't make it through the year, and we're forever grateful for the clients who stuck with us, shoulder to shoulder with our amazing team.

We hunkered down and worked harder than ever to constantly improve what we offered and ease the pain felt by small businesses.

2018 Year In Review

Our motto is born, "Thrive in Miami."

The Marketing Lab hits its goals, we missed on a few months but we definitely picked up a lot of steam this year launching marketing programs for 33 businesses!

Founded 2017

The Marketing Lab was founded with a passion to bring human, heart-felt marketing services that would help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

A figure that is all too jarringly low in the united states for the first 5 years of their life, almost 50% of businesses don't make it.

We intend to fix that, one business at a time.

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Who We Are

The Marketing Lab is a full service marketing agency in Miami, FL purposed to help businesses thrive.


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