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Battle of the Ai Chat Bots: Bard vs ChatGPT

May 21, 20231 min read

Bard so far is very underwhelming, seems you can really trust and rely on ChatGPT much more and Microsoft/Bing is very much ahead of the game, sentiments that were also stated by Elon Musk, one of the founding fathers of OpenAi, who launched ChatGPT.

Elon Musk Tweet on Open Ai

However you see it, OpenAi is clearly ahead of the Ai chatbot game with ChatGPT, and Google is playing catch up.

The whole reason behind starting OpenAI, as Elon Musk stated, was to serve as a counterweight, competitor if you will, to Googles search monopoly reign over the past decade.

I don't see anyone talking too much about using Bard; and sure, its still new! Everyone I hear in my day to day is still clamoring over using ChatGPT in every single facet of society and purpose under the sun.

My money is on ChatGPT, I think people like to see an underdog take the throne, especially in the United States, to the spoils go the victor, in the eyes of the People its already ChatGPT, and right now it's Bard who? Let's see how this game unveils for the better of search and users around the world (hopefully!).

Bing is already offering free, unauthorized (no need to be logged into Microsoft Bing/Edge to use the Bing ChatGPT tool) for the first 5 chat prompts:


They even launched its own Smartphone App - ChatGPT for iOS already.

You can run your own tests of the latest Ai Chat Bot contender by visiting Google Bard.

If you're under a rock, you can check out OpenAi's Chat Bot by visiting ChatGPT.

Norton Rodriguez

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