Pay-Per-Click Management

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Make sure your ad spend is being used to its maximum potential with our pay-per-click services. Read More
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Make sure your ad spend is being used to its maximum potential with our pay-per-click services.  

Pay-per-click. It sounds expensive, right? Not necessarily! In fact, developing an effective pay-per-click campaign can be incredibly efficient for businesses with a small advertising budget. With pay-per-click, a trained marketing professional can drum up some serious business for your company. However, without the right insight and expertise, you could find yourself spending on a campaign that isn’t giving you the best ROI. At The Marketing Lab, we are your pay-per-click specialists. Not only do we manage your campaign, but we also perform the research needed to ensure we’re staying up to date with best practices and strategies to give your business a boost online!

Should You be Investing in Pay Per Click?

Technically, pay per click isn’t really an investment, per se. With pay per click, your business is only charged when a customer actually clicks through the advertisement to get to your website.  No clicks, no cost. Sound simple? It’s a little more complicated than that. While you will pay money for each click through to your website, that cost is usually trivial when compared to the potential turnover in sales your business can make.

Getting started with a solid pay per click strategy is time-consuming, stressful, and confusing for newbies. Keywords need to be developed and organized, following strong search engine guidelines. Campaign strategies need to be developed. Starting a business is tricky enough without having to learn all of these things on your own. Save yourself the time and frustration and plan on working with a specialist right from the start.

What You Should Expect

We want to make sure that we make the most out of your budget by setting up a campaign on Google Ads that converts search traffic into paying customers. Once you decide to get started, our team will get to work on researching and developing a strategy that puts your business front and center. Keyword selection, bidding, ad copy, landing pages, website, and more, we’ve got you covered from beginning to end ensuring a successful campaign. Our team makes sure to not only set up but continuously learn from and improve campaigns by monitoring and managing your account and budget on a monthly basis.

Here at The Marketing Lab, we’ll create and manage Google Ad campaigns specifically designed to help put your business front and center with potential clients. Our professionals will work with you to develop exactly what you’re looking for, with catered solutions unique to your business.

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