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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why would my business in Miami need it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is basically a collection of technical web efforts and quality content creation that both together, when used correctly, over time helps to get your website listed in a high position for the important searches that customers would use to potentially find your businesses services on Google and Bing's Search Engines.

The term SEO comes from better optimizing your website to rank on Google and Bing's Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

When it comes to searching for businesses, the vast majority of potential customers are heading straight to Google to help them find a local company that can help fulfill their needs.

If your website isn’t optimized to rank for the most important keywords people search for on Google, then your brand is definitely missing out on a significant amount of traffic to your site. Setting up a website for local search results is essential in helping search engines like Google or Bing rank your business on a coveted page one spot.

What does it take to rank on Google?

The intensity of optimization and time required to rank on Google's 1st page for your most important keywords depends on admittedly thousands of factors.

A few main examples are the current level of competition, your current brand and domain authority online, your local target market (city vs rural) and customer reviews.

Learn more by reading Google's SEO Starter Guide.

Why is Google our Focus?

89% of all web searches around the entire world are done using Google and since Google has the largest search engine share, our efforts there have a much greater return than using all that effort on Bing with a 8% share, although that may be changing soon.

Note: Google's Bard is answer to ChatGPT Ai Chat Bot

Note: Bing is making a comeback with Microsoft's new golden child OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Bing + ChatGPT

Microsoft's search engine Bing had less than 3% global search share, but recently since the acquisition and rollout of ChatGPT, the search engine is at 9% and growing, we optimize for both Google AND Bing.

Can't I just launch a Wix or Squarespace Website?

Yes and No. You could, but the level of optimization is very basic and controlled within their page builder offering as it is their own proprietary software and there are a string of limitations.

That being said, it can be optimized, and these tools finally do have the basic features one would need to get off to a good start; but the truth we've all come to realize by now from experience is that you can't just throw up a nice website on a good domain and get visitors to your site ready to buy, fill out a web form or make the phone ring.

So what is the roadblock?

Proper SEO services and strategies
that contribute to reaping the results.

When we provide search engine optimization services for our partners, we have specific procedures and strategies that we've proven and outlined to work many times over the years of our own marketing experience; including failures, trials, tests and staying up to date with the latest technology and trends for the last 15 years in the industry of digital marketing in Miami, Florida.

All the marketing strategies that we use are completely, what's know as, "white-hat" (tactics that won't break Google's Search Guidelines) and will never get you in trouble with the search engines (blacklisted / banned) which in todays online market could destroy your business if it can't be found online.

The alternative, "black-hat" approach can use shady tactics that usually are either against the rules or are currently operating in a grey area of Google's, Meta's and TikTok's guidelines. Breaking these rules could have disastrous consequences like getting your brand completely banned off of a social media platform that is important to your business.

What's our approach?

We play by the rules, rather than be sorry later to avoid being banned from these platforms. I' sure we've all seen proof of platform bans!

When it comes to optimizing your website and content, quick and shortcuts aren't the buzzwords you'll tend to hear, in reality, SEO takes at least 6 months before you can see any kind of real lead generation that can start to sustain your business with a constant stream of new potential customers finding your products, services and brand content online.

Attention to Detail and Systemized Procedures

Properly Built Website

Your website MUST be properly built as this is the foundation for all of your marketing efforts. If this is wrong, everything else will struggle.

Example: You want to avoid major errors in the Console Log using Developer Tools.
Our team does make sure these are solved, that a good user experience is provided and that desktop/mobile speed performance or errors do not hinder your status against competitors in the Search Engine Results Page.

Target Suburbs & Nearby Areas

If you're in a highly competitive city, depending on your niche, you should also be hyper targeting the smaller suburbs and areas around your service area that has less competition.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Target low hanging fruit that has less competition. These can sometimes add up to more than the main shorter term keywords so you can also pick up low hanging fruit for quick wins.

Miami is a VERY competitive, dense city keyword.

Targeting these smaller city suburb names can help increase your reach and allow you to focus on lower hanging fruit keywords that you can rank for quicker while you fight to the top on your most competitive keywords.

3rd Party Engagement

Create engagement with your business from people on social media and other platforms. At the very least, you should be replying and liking comments across all your social profiles.

Removing Roadblocks

We find what's hurting you and fix them, like link disavows, citation inconsistencies, broken pages / links, 404's, correct Google Search Console errors etc.

Consistent Content Creation

Constantly create engaging content such as blogging educational articles, helpful tips, reminders, case studies etc.

Click to see our content examples below:

Home Page

Service Page

Blog Article

We want to stay ahead of the competition or catch up in order to reap the desired results.

Performing all of the technical and on-page SEO tasks and implementing all our varying strategies is such an important part of our system for marketing campaign success (a good return on your marketing investment!) in the current modern era; being that we are all solving problems and questions in life using our smartphones... However, most companies fail to do research and track progress.

We're not just talking about Google Analytics and Google Search Console (everyone uses those).

We're talking about doing deep keyword research using premium tools, analyzing how visitors interact with your website, tracking organic search engine rankings over time, and monitoring your competitor's SEO efforts.

It actually never ceases to amaze us how few business owners actually know what their website looks like on a phone these days or pretend to be a user and try to take the steps they actually want potential customers to do.

Test your website! Test it on your phone (on Wi-Fi and then on cellular data), on a tablet, on a laptop, does it work on FireFox and Chrome or Edge browsers?

This will reveal the exact experience that your potential customers are going to encounter too!

All these and more contribute to running a successful marketing strategy that pays off and plays large role in Search Engine Optimization efforts, and the foundation is the Website with great content and web developers that care about Technical SEO for businesses in Miami.

Our strategy is triaged, meaning we start at the highest level of important points of optimization and efforts then drill down month to month to continually improve using our ongoing marketing programs developed to make your business thrive in Miami.

The tracking and monitoring software that we implement

takes our Client SEO to a whole new level of Local SEO in Miami.

Google Analytics v4 + Search Console

Analyze the traffic coming to your website and the types of searches that have shown your website to potential customers.

Keyword Research

We use Google's tools and trends to find keyword variations, search volume, and competition level.

Organic Rank Tracking

We scan the major search engines and track your progress for organic rankings over time.

Authority & Backlink Monitoring

Using 3rd party tools, we monitor the new backlinks and domain authority changes on a monthly basis.

Competitor Monitoring

We don't just track you, we track what your competitors are doing to keep you in front.

Live Website Monitoring

Our software continually monitors your business website for up-time and notified in 2 minutes of any down-time.

Reporting Analysis, Technical SEO and a Consistent Content Creation Strategy.

We will go over your current internet marketing efforts and online presence in order to reveal your strengths, room for improvement and reveal the competitions strategy and their weak points.

In today’s world of online marketing and SEO, “content is king.” Content creation is the single most important part of your online strategy because it helps search engines locate and categorize your website.

By providing evergreen (long lasting valuable content that can grow over time) user-friendly content, you can better rank for the services that are most important to your business. This is an especially great strategy when you’re in a competitive market or attempting to break into a new city area.

Quality content is also an important part of customer service. By educating your customer and addressing their needs, you are more likely to answer many of their questions while also fostering a relationship of trust.

In many cases, well-crafted content can also shorten the selling process and help convert a potential customer before they even contact you. The best part of content is its versatility. No matter what type of business you run, your market, or your users, you can create customized solutions that speak directly to your base.

You can focus on improving your business products, services, and systems while we take care of the inbound leads that will make your business thrive. The law of compounding interest from consistent content production and optimization the securer the future of your company as it pertains to ranking and getting organic traffic from search engines that turn into hot leads that turn into lifetime customers.

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