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Keep your site secure and user-friendly with dependable website hosting and maintenance services. Read More
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Keep your site secure and user-friendly with dependable website hosting and maintenance services. 

Figuring out your site’s design and its online strategy is only the beginning. You’ll need to keep your eye on user experience and the performance of the strategies you have in place to ensure that you’re getting the most out of an online campaign. User experience is crucial in converting website traffic into clientele. Ensuring that your site is secure, has fast loading speeds, and that it is continuously monitored and updated to meet digital standards is essential. At The Marketing Lab, we can help. We offer website hosting services that are secure, convenient, and optimized for top-quality performance. With our help, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your site is secure and working at its best.

How Can Bad User Experience Impact Your Site?

We’ve all had the displeasure of coming across a site or two that have given us a “bad vibe.” Whether it was slow, or it had broken links, or Google Chrome screamed “not secure,” or it hasn’t been updated since 2010… the list is endless when it comes to poor user experience. Some business owners overlook these details and consider them minor, but in actuality, these major details can make or break a potential deal. Clients want to do business with people they know, like and trust, but if they can’t trust your site… well, chances are they’ll hit that back button and choose your competitor, who is keeping things up to date instead in the next tab over on their browser.

Our Expert Method

At The Marketing Lab, we know the challenges that businesses face as they try to set up shop in the digital world. That’s why we offer both hosting and maintenance services. Your company’s website is often the first opportunity you have to connect with your clients and it is crucial that your first impression is a good one. By partnering with our experts, you can focus on running your business while we handle your online presence.

We focus on user experience by including monthly check-ups into our service agreements. During a check-up we make sure your website is functioning properly, that it is up to the latest digital standards, perform any data backups and maintenance that is required and make any updates you may want to be done on your site to keep your audience informed with the latest from your business.

At The Marketing Lab, we pride ourselves in helping small businesses thrive online. With over 10 years in the digital marketing business we have helped hundreds of business owners increase their online footprint, and as a result, grow their business. At The Marketing Lab, we are your one-stop-shop for establishing and maintaining a compelling online presence. Not only do we keep your website secure, but also we can help optimize user experience to ensure you’re making the most of your online presence.

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